Thursday, November 15

Weeble wounds and the birth of beanbags

Well, here goes the blogging thing. Since I wanted to start blogging to try to keep up with some crafting, I thought I'd first post on the craft that set me off and running a couple years ago.
One day, my dear daughter bonked me in the head with a weeble. I mean really threw it at me and hit me square on the head. I decided my kids needed something less life-threatening to throw around the house. Hence, the birth of beanbags in our home.
First, I made several for us to play with. Once I had a system I liked for making them, I decided they would be good gifts for friends who may also be looking for safe throwing activities for their children. I began to make sets of 3 bags tied in a lovely bundle with a card attached describing several games to play with the toys. My friend Jess designed a spiffy logo and layout for my little cards and voila! I have a professional-looking product to not only give as a gift, but to sell, as well.
So, now, two years later, after giving these to everyone we know under the age of 4, I may actually post some of these sets on Etsy for selling to people we don't know. (They're not there yet, but stay tuned!)
We'll see how it goes!
Here are some samples of the coordinated sets.


Amy said...

Congratulations on the blog!! I'm proud of you. People should--no, NEED--to know how awesome and crafty (not in the devious sense) you are.

Anonymous said...

"Necessity is the mother of invention." Let's reword that & say that necessity of stitches on the head causes a mother to invent! Good work, Megan.

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful! I especially love how you used different fabrics on the fronts and backs. -Jean

Shawn said...

I'd love if you could share some of your ideas on how to use these bean bags ... like games, activities other than tossing into a bin or box.

The Giggles Family said...

ok - so I am a newbie sewer..... how exactly do you get the finished edge looking neat and pretty ...I mean after stuffing with do you close the hole?