Wednesday, December 5

What I Can't Do

When I envisioned my blog, I pictured lovely photos, crafts, food, some tutorials, creativity abounding. What I forgot, however, is that while I may, on occasion, exercise some creativity at home, the degree to which I can recreate it in an ongoing, attractive, interesting, and functional blog is limited by the extent of my knowledge (with some time and energy thrown into the mix).
I can't post on a daily or even regular basis, I can't take good photos, I can't manipulate the ones I do take in any way, I can't create shareable templates or do anything else graphic design-related, I can't take my children's art and embroider it onto quilts or bags, I can't teach them to sew gifts for each other, etc. and so on... like other (part alien, I'm inclined to believe) blogging moms out there. That list doesn't even touch on my failings in the domestic maintenance arena (you know, keeping a clean and organized home and such) or the tech-trendy arena (I don't know how to use our scanner, I don't know how to text from my husband's cell phone, I don't know what a Facebook is, I don't know what all Google can do for me).


Anonymous said...

Confession: I now have a Facebook account. {Head hung low}

Fun thought: I want to make a Myspace for you!

whatsreal said...

I guess a lot has changed for you since you clearly are doing many of these things now! I know this because I have spent at least 30 minutes enjoying and being inspired by your posts!
Thanks for that!