Sunday, December 16

What's Your Name, Face?

I have a sweatshirt I wear around the house that has several different simple faces (line-drawn happy faces) on it. My kids are always asking, to each individual drawing, "What's your name, face?" We've given each face a name and personality. We have Francois, Mark, Salvador, Andy, Mona Lisa, Jan (pronounced "yawn"), etc. I never knew a shirt could provide so much entertainment.
This face is a drawing by my daughter (she's 3) and I absolutely love it! We rescued it from a giant piece of scribbled on and torn kraft paper. I don't know it's name. I'll have to ask. My daughter, not the face.
A friend of ours recently helped us animate the face to sing a bit of a song we'll be using in our almost-annual family music video. Should be fun to see! We're also thinking of transferring it onto some little t-shirts or onesies for the fam. Maybe I'll post on that later.


Anonymous said...

We obviously have another budding artist in the family!

Grandma G said...

I bet her name is Jess! Just look at all that ORANGE!!!

Anonymous said...

Just to be sure I wasn't biased, I asked Nathan if he thought the drawing was unusually good for a three-year old. He agreed.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! I'm just digging into the archives and I love this idea. I saw a necklace at that makes a custom pendant out of a kid's doodle. The drawing reminded me of that.