Saturday, January 19

"Canoe" Be My Valentine?

I love vintage valentines. My favorite (of this small collection) is the googly-eyed girl. Her arm, eyes and hair ribbon move up and down when you wiggle the tab on the back. Here are the sentimental messages from a few of these cards:

Please don't turn sour on me, Valentine...Don't "churn" know I'm yours?
Come "clean" Valentine...Say you'll be mine.
My "sails" are set, the water is fine...Don't "duck the issue"...Be my Valentine!
Valentine, don't be so hard-boiled...Come out of your shell!
I'd be "upset" if you said no..."Canoe" be my Valentine?
and my favorite message-
I'm your Valentine. To test me, wear this badge-and then arrest me.
(that one apparently came with a tear-off badge to wear over a button)

Hope I can be so clever on my cards this year!


Grandma G said...

Gee, I look at those and start feeling a bit "vintage" myself! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it always make you remember making the Valentine boxes to take to school? Wish I had some "vintage" photos of all those homemade mailboxes!

Anonymous said...

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