Monday, February 18

Plants getting bored?

Winter goes on forever here and I figure maybe the plants are over it like everyone else (or, more likely, they're just upset because I forget to water them). So, how about a pick-me-up by way of a home-makeover for them? Here are some thoughts on how to spruce up your plants' homes:

  • Paint your pots with happy designs that coordinate with your room. (Reminds me I have a half-painted pot waiting to be finished!)
  • Paint your pots with chalkboard paint and then draw new designs as often as you wish. (See Martha Stewart and Apartment Therapy for making your own chalkboard paint).
  • Drop your pots onto or into vintage cannisters, toy truck beds, bowls, bread boxes (the kind with the removable top), loaf pans, old metal lunch boxes, cake stands, etc.
  • Purchase a new home for your plant like this vintage fish or handmade herb planter from Etsy.
  • Try something crazy like this MacPlanter.

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