Monday, March 31

Not my birthday wish

Can you guess what's happening in our home? This was a lovely care package, left outside our apartment door this morning, from a good friend. Actually, I desperately requested a few of the items, and she compassionately added the others. Not an ideal 4th birthday for our daughter, but luckily, we have a party to look forward to this weekend.
We'll be re-energizing around here this week, so I'm not sure how much fun the ol' blog will be. But then again, it could be a much-needed break.
Good health to you!


Anonymous said...

Too bad you guys are sick! I hope your girl has a happy after-birthday!

The care package is sweet

Anonymous said...

Even when you're sick you're creative!(and Jane's a sweetheart!) It's a good sign that you were able to accomplish this entry. I know you'll do a fabulous party for our darling 4-yr-old.

Kathy said...

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