Tuesday, April 22

Earth Day

The Lorax is such a great book for teaching your children about caring for the Earth, I can't believe I didn't think of it today (yes, I can, what am I talking about??) I was reminded of it when I found this new earth-friendly edition and this related website full of earth-friendly activities. (Adding this to my book wishlist).

I'm really not on-the-ball when it comes to finding activities/events for our family to attend and missed a slew of great Earth Day happenings, but we did participate in one meaningful activity today with our playgroup friends. One of my girlfriends brought Target reuseable shopping bags (by Green Bag) for each of the kids in our group. After a brief Earth Day themed story/discussion time, we sent them shopping in the pretend grocery store where they collected pretend food items (used, empty boxes) and real food items (their portioned snacks for the afternoon). They practiced emptying their bags on the counter, paying the 3-year old cashier's dictated amount ($5.05, repeatedly) and filling them again to take outdoors for our picnic.
Now to tackle that old item on my to-do list: make more reusable shopping bags for myself.


Anonymous said...

What a great activity at play group; and so convenient for the cashier that everything was the same price! Why haven't I seen those Target bags? Terrific!

Anonymous said...

I'm a Dr. Seuss fanatic and the Lorax is definitely up there as a favorite. I still remember reading it as a child and being very concerned about truffula trees and the environment.

Jodi said...

Hi Megan!

A friend just tipped me off to your blog and I had so much fun wandering around here!

We just got The Lorax from the library last week, and I was reminded that I've been wanting to buy the video for my kids as well. And I have the exact same yellow kitchen scale as you!

Thanks for all your great creativity!

Megan said...

Thanks, Jodi! Nice to meet you!

casinoxo said...

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