Thursday, April 10

Paved paradise

It's another gray day in Chicago and we've got sickies here again (colds, this time). Hurry spring! I was planning on making some little stick puppets today, but the kids needed something immediately (it's little-celebrated Italics Day), so we have a masking tape parking lot. I just read this idea on someone else's blog, but with all the blog-hopping I can't remember where I saw it. Please tell me if it was yours!
I have the habit of getting an idea in my head, thinking it's so original, then seeing it somewhere else. Not like someone else had the same idea at the same time, necessarily, but like I already saw it somewhere, liked it, thought about it so much I made it mine and forgot I saw it elsewhere. Like these stick puppets I want to make. I thought, "I'll use this craft foam and popsicle sticks, cool!" So, I pull out the craft foam today and it has pictures of foam/stick puppets on the front of the package. Hmm. Guess I saw that when I bought it. Still gonna do it, but won't claim it as mine.

Completely unrelated: I just saw R.E.M. performing "Furry, Happy Monsters" (previously performed as "Shiny, Happy People") on Sesame Street. Fun.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, husband out of town, and hour and fifteen minutes till bedtime...I might have to that RIGHT NOW! :-)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! And so simple to do. More proof that you don't have to have expensive equipment to do something fun.

Unknown said...

great idea! I'm assuming the tape doesn't hurt your floor!?

Megan said...

I feel a different sense of freedom taping our floor than a homeowner would, I'm sure, since we rent this cruddy floor. But, I do figure I'll need to remove it sooner rather than later so it doesn't leave nasty residue behind.

Anonymous said...

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