Monday, June 30

Dyed silks

We dyed playsilks a few weeks ago at my parents'. I've been wanting to do this since I saw them here (and then more here). My mom ordered the silks (some 30", some 12") and then I purchased the million packages of Kool-Aid. This was a fun activity and the directions at each of these sites are easy to follow. Now we have a dozen silks for tent-making, dress-up, hairstyling, peek-a-boo, etc., etc. Lots of fun!
The top picture is of our newly dyed silks hanging to dry. The second picture is of the dried silks, sporting a more tie-dyed look since we didn't individually wash the scarves (oops).

Advice: Don't try to dye a dozen silks in one sitting. At least not with small children. It just takes too long. I think 6 would be a lot more doable.
Also, sink or machine wash each scarf individually after dying if you want to avoid the bleeding.


Anonymous said...

nice! i've been itching to make more - they'd make great birthday gifts (for the right kids) and i want to make some for Christmas presents. And more for us, of course!

Angel Funk said...

Those colors are from kool-aid? WOW! Can't wait to try it.

Melissa said...

I've made quite of few of these but can't figure out how to get a blue one. Would you mind telling me which kool-aid package you used to get the blue playsilks? thanks, Melissa

Megan said...

If I remember correctly, I found some Berry Blue packets at a Wal-Mart in Texas. It seems, from what I've read elsewhere, that blue is pretty hard to come by.