Monday, June 23

Go here if you live in Chicago

I didn't really intend to have many posts on "where we went today..." but it's hard to help that in the summer. So much of our time is spent at the playground and not so much on projects that if we happen to go somewhere interesting it feels worth posting. (Unlike my parents, we don't have a wading pool to entice us to experiment with outdoor art activities. )
So, anyway, this is my recommendation for the North Park Village Nature Center in Chicago. So green and pretty, shady, spotted with not-so-wildlife wandering around, ponds crowded with lily pads and other water life, picnic tables, walking paths, playground, etc. Makes for a great afternoon of play, exploration and a feeling of being out of the city. I think we'll go often this summer.
Here's an example of the not-so-wildlife. City deer. (Today we saw about 5 of these, last time I saw 15.)

Hanging out in the parking lot.

Nursing in public. (I hear she was scolded by offended passersby later.)


Basnight said...

I love the mama deer nursing! Thanks for sharing "where you went today"

Jamie - Family Focused Fun said...

I too love that picture of the Mama deer. Thanks for the suggestion. We are in Chicago land so we will have to put that on our list. :-)

Deanna said...

How gorgeous! We will definitely put that on our list of places to see if we ever get to Chicago.

Anonymous said...

OMG. I think I just peed! (The "scolded by offended passerbys"...I know the feeling kid.) :)

3 for me said...

Love it! I am sure I have offended many a passerby! I'm right there with ya sister deer!

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