Wednesday, September 10

Rice Krispies cookies redux

I've already written about my favorite version of the Rice Krispies cookie. It happens to be called a Scotcharoo by Kellogg's, which I didn't realize when posting. I was still harboring the dream that maybe it was an old family recipe. I know I've posted other recipes, as well, for sweet and satisfying foods that would fall into the same "traditional" and "easy" categories as the all-American Rice Krispies cookie. Despite my love for these treats, I've only been able to confidently post these recipes after recently realizing that, much like sleeping in, vacationing, or listening to my own music, cooking more complex dishes is an activity that will come and go through the varied phases of my life. At one time, I loved cooking new foods and baking semi-complicated desserts, just as I loved staying in my warm bed past 6 or 7am. It's been hard for me to see that beyond the years of beans, mashed potatoes, spaghetti, and eating to survive will come years of cooking and eating for survival and pleasure. Now that I've realized this, I can declare that until that day comes, I'm going to continue sharing and enjoying the very basic, but satisfying, foods we eat around here.
Wow, that was a strangely long introduction to this cookie. Another version of the Rice Krispies cookie. Even though I now openly revel in the joy of this simple treat, it helps that a published cookbook author living and cooking in Paris shared his love for these with the world.
Here is David Lebovitz's White Chocolate Rice Krispies Cookie with Candied Peanuts. I'm not writing it out because I think you should read his post and his accompanying recipe for the peanuts.
I will tell you that they are a great take on a classic.
Here are my notes on making the candied nuts:
It may seem like the sugar will never carmelize, but that doesn't mean you have time to run in the other room and check your e-mail. This can result in a batch of stinking, brown nuts.
However, if you do decide to check your e-mail, this will give you an excuse for eating the nuts as you prepare the cookies. (It does make a cup more than what is called for in the cookie recipe).

Photo via David Lebovitz.


Susie said...

As a fellow reader of David's blog, that picture did look sneakily familiar... however, as I have one child who is allergic to peanuts, we'll be trying the ol scotcheroo recipe some time soon. It sounds devine!

Amy said...

I wonder how many people have wished that you could send the stuff you cook directly to our homes? I would definitely like to try some of those Rice Krispie cookies.

moomer said...

Mmmmmmmm....sweet & salty, the best combo! And interesting to find out that our family fave is an official RK box recipe. I never knew that, but that didn't stop me from adoring them since 1970. However, I'm sorry to have to see in print how many calories & fat grams are in them!!!

Anonymous said...

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