Thursday, November 20


For all you folks wondering how to spice up your traditional Thanksgiving menu next week, check out Cookstr, a new recipe site founded by the former editor in chief of Hyperion Books. Cookstr delivers recipes from published cookbook authors, famous and not-as-famous, for free. The catch is just that you may be tempted to purchase the cookbooks from which the recipes come.
Follow their Thanksgiving Recipes search and you'll be given an extensive list of recipes (photos included) from Jacques Pepin, Nigella Lawson, Marion Cunningham, Mark Bittman, and many others. Click on a recipe title and you'll be directed to the recipe with author's introduction, a profile of the author and an opportunity to purchase their cookbooks from a variety of different vendors.
I think this will be a fun site for people who enjoy reading cookbooks versus those who just want a recipe. There is much to read here already about the individual chefs, the recipes, and a Tips & Techniques section is forthcoming.
Read the NY Times article about the launch of Cookstr here.
(via Craftzine)

P.S. I haven't forgotten about my cookie-a-week plan suggested last week and will have a new one for you tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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I'm really anxious to check this out.

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