Sunday, December 16

Favorite holiday movie

White Christmas is the first holiday movie I watch each year. (I'm a little behind on seasonal videos and music this year-it took me all of November to get through this one and as far as music goes, we haven't progressed past John Denver with the Muppets. Yikes!) No one else in my family here would post this as their favorite, but my sister and I would gladly attempt performing any musical number (dance, included) or quoting any dialogue to prove our devotion to this classic, cheesy as it is. It's one of those movies you can make fun of (you know, wardrobe, hair, script, line delivery, plot and such) but still absolutely love. If you're bored, check out the script online. Must have been an early draft or those guys did a lot of cutting and ad-libbing.


Anonymous said...

"I wish it would happen to me!"

Anonymous said...

I recently borrowed this from my friend Holly and watched it with Nathan last weekend. I kept telling him about all the parts we make fun of, my favorite dance, etc. I wish you could've been there. EXCELLENT blog.