Tuesday, February 12

Valentine Fun and Grover

So, this afternoon we'll be making some Valentine cards with our playgroup. This morning, though, we had the important task of making a cape for Grover. You know, so he could be Super Grover.

Here are some links to fun Valentine crafts, in case you're looking for projects or inspiration:
Chocolate Pretzel Buttons (and other fun ideas) at Craftzine.
Valentine buckets from Kiddley.
Heart-shaped crayons and muffin-cupped crayon cookies.
Felt fortune cookies from Martha Stewart.
Beautiful paper globes by Heather Bailey.
Truffle boxes from A Little Hut.
Place mats, card booklets, wristlets, gift bag, cardholder, Valentine garden...all seen here if you scroll down through recent entries.

(Fortune Cookie photo from Martha Stewart)


Hurrayic said...

When I was younger, I made a little Grover statue from clay for a relative who shares the same name as the blue furry monster.

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