Tuesday, March 18

Quick, cute magnets

Make some super cute magnets with photos and tin can lids. These are fun to whip up by yourself or with kids.

Here's your supply list:
compass (optional)
tin can lid or juice can lid
sticky tape
adhesive magnets or plain magnets and craft glue
laminating sheets

1. Take your photo and either place the lid on and trace around it or make a circle with your compass (preset it by adjusting it to your lid) including the part of the photo you want in your magnet.
2. Cut out a piece from your laminating sheet and press it down onto your photo. Cut out your circle. If you traced your lid, you'll need to cut inside the circle a bit.
3. Use double-sided sticky tape or glue to stick your photo to your lid. Stick it to the side of the lid where the center is recessed, creating a rim or frame around the perimeter.
4. Stick or glue your magnets onto the back.

Tip: I used this can-opener that takes off lids without leaving sharp edges. It's great when you have kids around or if you plan on using the can or lid for projects.

Even easier magnets:
Sandwich a cute photo between two pieces of laminate (cut the photo first, if it needs cropping). Cut around it, leaving a laminated border. Stick magnets onto the back. Keep it until you can properly embarrass your subject.


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about Brynnen's poser pic the other day...Funny.

Kristi said...

Where did you find your laminating paper? I found some at an office supply store for way more than I was willing to spend.

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