Wednesday, April 23

Celery update

Now you can really see the color changes (see project description here). The celery in the red water turned yellow with red veins, the green turned more green (not quite as interesting), and the blue turned greenish blue with obvious blue streaks and spots. Wow, science is fun!
Not much happening with the potatoes yet.


Grandma G said...

Those are gorgeous! You're tempting me to try it just for myself! :-)

Anonymous said...

You could make a nice centerpiece or mantle decoration with just celery & colored water. Pretty & educational, too.

Grandma G said...

I actually tried this today! I was using some celery, anyway, so decided to just stick a piece of the top into colored water. I used blue and made it quite dark. It got sooo pretty! And I was surprised to see how firm the leaves got, as well as how fast it all happened!

Thanks for a little fun during a VERY GLOOMY, ICY day.

Anonymous said...

I really, really enjoyed this. The humor works brilliantly, and the animation is much better than I had imagined. The way you have “blended” (hehe) it all together makes this look like a solid, whole product, as good as any Pixar short. Probably better. But then again: That’s my opinion.
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