Thursday, April 17

The theater, the theater...

Today we made a portable theater for our stick puppets. I was pleased that the kids enjoyed using it.
If you'd like to make one, but don't want to waste 3 minutes staring at a cereal box (or waste a cereal box), then here are some quick instructions:
Open a cereal box and turn it inside out.
With scissors, cut off one side panel and half of the top and bottom panels, keeping the little side squares attached to the side panel that you're also keeping. (Hmm, not very good at describing cereal boxes. It may help to tilt your head and look at the bottom picture here to see what I mean).
Cut a rectangle out of the front.
Decorate if desired.
Tape two fabric scraps to the inside top of the rectangle.
Tape the end of a long ribbon to the center of the back panel.
Fold the stage side up and fold back the top/bottom flaps which are now on the sides of your theater.
Flip up the little squares and tape them to the side flaps. This will help it stand up.
Leave the back panel flat on the table during performances.
When the show's over, fold up the back panel and tie the ribbon around the top of the stage.
You're officially on tour.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like it's easy to strike set after the finale! I love this idea...and would love to hear the plot of the play that involves an octopus, fish, armadillo & monster!

Anonymous said...

"...what happened to the theater?"

"I'm exhaustified of playing the boy!"

"For gosh sakes, Anne, smile a little!"

Megan said...

So, which do we know more of-theater or films depicting theater??

Grandma G said...

Terrifically cute idea!

Jodie said...

This looks great!!! Thanks for the info on how to make one for my little princess..

Jodie :)

Anonymous said...
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harmony said...

that's so great..i like the idea :)

Amber D. said...

Thanks! Just made this as a last minute Christmas gift for my nephew and nieces! I know they will love it!

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