Monday, May 5

Cardboard-Button-Felt Flowers

I've been meaning to make something with a cut-up paper towel roll since I saw this tealight decoration by Patricia of A Little Hut. I had my chance on Saturday morning while the kids were finishing breakfast, so I grabbed an empty roll from the recycle bin, the scissors and glue and started working while continuing to carry on a conversation with my kids' spoons (if you have small children, you have to know what I'm talking about). These button flowers were also fresh in my mind (you can find variations on these just about everywhere), so I married the two projects and created these flowers. Really fun!
After making them, I got totally carried away photographing them. As you can see. But, as usual, I did not take pictures while in the middle of the project, thus making it impossible for me to share one of those great step-by-step tutorials. I will share a pictureless description of how I made these flowers:
I painted part of my paper towel roll red with acrylic paint and a little sponge. It worked well and dried quickly.
I cut the roll into 1/2" rings (approximately).
I glued the bottom sides of 5 rings together. (Fabri-Tac dries pretty quickly).
I threaded a couple buttons through the end of a pipe cleaner and twisted it right underneath the buttons. You could also thread them through to the middle of the stem, but I didn't want the stem too thick for threading on the blossom and leaves.
With craft felt, I cut leaves and colorful little embellishments to sit right under the buttons and over the leaves.
I cut a little-bitty slit in the base of my felt pieces in order to slide them up the pipe cleaner without having to glue them in place.
I slid the blossom on through the little hole in it's center, then added the leaves.
Finally, I slid up a little matching bead to hold the leaves in place (see photo below).

By the way, after I made these, I got my Kids Craft Weekly newsletter, which happens to feature flower crafts. I especially like the patty pan flowers. I have never seen brightly colored baking cups around here, but I'll have to keep my eyes open. I'm not too into those boring pastel ones.
I plan on coming up with some other little projects with the paper towel roll, too. I'll be sure to post about them when I get around to it.
Happy spring!


patricia zapata said...

They're so cheerful! Thank you for mentioning my project. :)

Anonymous said...

So very cute! Would you mind if I used one of your pictures and linked your instructions from my Me and My Girl blog? I think it is a perfect craft for spring!

GeonHui's Bakery said...

Those are cute! They would've been perfect in a the May Day basket we made for the grandparents, I'll have to remember for next year!

Anonymous said...

When I put empty cardboard rolls in the recyle basket, I always find myself thinking, "should I save these for kid crafts?" Now I know the answer to that. Those are so pretty & imaginative!

Anonymous said...

that's totally cute!

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Darci said...

These are so great!

The Princesses said...

These are fantastic! My girls have been under the weather so we made some yesterday and they like them so much they wanted to make them again today. My 3 year old is mad about them. Thanks for a great craft! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! I will try this with the kids on hollydais!

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