Monday, July 14

Banana Crunch Muffins

Wow, these are good.
I made them because I have this new cookbook I've been wanting to use, because I had really ripe bananas sitting around, because the recipe sounded different from the banana breads I've made in the past, and because none of us here can resist sweet breads. I'm glad I did. (Except for all the sweet bread we'll be eating).
This recipe is from Ina Garten's The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook.
I've made four recipes out of this book in the last week. That's some kind of record for me. All of them were very good, so now I'm eager to try more.

Warning: These muffins are not low in fat or sugar.
Tips: If you really want "crunch" in your muffins, be sure to put banana chips (really good!) or crunchy granola on top and maybe use a crunchier granola inside. Mine worked well in the recipe but wasn't really crunchy.
Be sure to use really ripe bananas, no matter which bread recipe you use.
If you don't already, throw your ripe bananas in the freezer for later use if you can't make bread immediately. I try to peel mine and drop them in a ziploc bag before freezing, but sometimes toss in the whole banana. I defrost them a bit in the microwave and drain out the excess liquid before adding to the batter.


Raising Cains said...

i've made this recipe too and can concur that they are yummy. glad you are enjoying them!

Anonymous said...

Even though I find her show a little annoying--I have to say that there just aren't any bad recipes in her cookbooks. I can't say that for any other cookbook I own.

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