Monday, July 21

Double your fun

Like my desk, this is another two-seater item that appears in many of our family photos. My kids often sit here while completing projects at the dining room table. It's not good for containing small children during mealtime, but works well for crafts.
I have no idea what the story is behind it except that it's old and may have been used in an Elks Lodge. No matter, it's unusual and colorful which always attracts me.


Anonymous said...

That was an exciting buy...I remember being with you! Some finds are so great you can always find a place for them.

Anonymous said...

those are amazing! i can see these sitting on a porch or in a playroom - wow, the possibilities!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love those!

The Jerrolds Family said...

So so cute! I love the colors!

Sara said...

We love your blog and have given you an award on our blog. Check it out!

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