Tuesday, July 8


I was tagged a month ago by Michelle from Hathersage Hall and I am finally getting around to responding. I'm supposed to list 6 unimportant things about myself and I'm going to do it in the form of a love/hate list. Here goes.

1) I love this pose. Children inspecting bugs. I have many pictures of my kids doing the exact same thing in varying locations. Very sweet.

2) I hate this high chair. We've been using it since my 4-year old was born so I've been hating it for 4 years. Maybe I should clarify. It has good points: It rolls into the next room, it folds in between children (not literally between them, but between needing to use it from one child to the next), and the seat is soft. Cleaning it is one of the biggest nuisances I've ever encountered. It has more cracks, crevices, screwholes, reachable plastic parts than should ever be allowed on anything a baby with mushy food is going to come near touching (notice the detail of me toothpick-cleaning). The tray insert is useless, I think, and now I've rendered the tray itself useless by leaving it on the stove with the oven on, thereby melting a corner crucial for attaching it to the chair. I'm not in the market for a new high chair, but if I were I'd get something extremely basic.

3) I love homemade biscuits with a drizzle of honey. And biscuits with jelly. And biscuits with crumbled sausage and gravy.

4) I hate phrases ending in "with." Not like, "What does that go with?" (Even though I'm sure that should be something like, "With what does that go?") But phrases like, "Do you want to come with?" and "She went with" and such. I never heard anyone say that until we moved up here. Is it regional?

5) I love being in the water. Swimming pool, lake, creek, fountain, whatever. I particularly enjoy being submerged up to my neck during the summer, but a wading trip through a cool, clear, rocky creek will thrill me to my bones. Now, I hardly ever am in water (recreationally, that is-I do make a habit of bathing), but I sure do like it and wish I could enjoy it more frequently.
(I wasn't about to show a picture of me in the water, but that is me with my baby in the lake).

6) Despite my love of feeling the water, I am a terrible swimmer and hate having water in my eyes, nose, and mouth. I could never go under water without holding my nose as a kid and now as a stubborn adult, will probably never learn. We'll see. My husband enjoys swimming, so at least we've got someone in the family to help the kids and me, if I decide I need it.

Now, of course, I'm not going to tag anyone else because that's just the way I am, but please feel free to let me know if you relate or if you think I'm crazy.
Thanks, Michelle, that was fun!


katy said...

We had the same highchair for my girls. I felt exactly the same about it as you do. We moved to a booster seat much sooner with my youngest just to be rid of that wretched thing.

The Jerrolds Family said...

I HATE THAT EXACT HIGH CHAIR TOO!!!! We just donated it as well & got a booster for Will! I love this blog. So fun!

Michelle said...

I, too, had the same issues with my highchair. If anyone asks I now recommend the Ikea highchair for the same reasons!

Thanks for playing it was great to find out more about you!


Anonymous said...

How funny...I was going to type on how much I hate that highchair too, but so many others have beat me to it. I got rid of ours asap and my little man was in a booster.

Grandma G said...

I've been using the Fisher-Price booster seat for Courtney all along and love it. Very easy to clean. And inexpensive.

Nice to get to know you a little more. :-)

Anonymous said...

Why are you still putting a four-year-old in a high chair?

Anonymous said...

Love: holding a sleepy, soft child in my arms; quiet, quiet, crickety evenings in the summer, making a good dinner for the family.
Hate: sand in the sheets, the amount of cajoling it takes to get the children into the bathtub, and then - ironically - out again, bees in the apple orchard (while this may sound picturesque or even romantic, it also leads to hysteria in very young people).
Also love hearing other people's love/hates.
Thanks, Megan!

Megan said...

That cracks me up about the high chair! If only I would have heard these stories before purchasing it, but I guess that's the way it goes with all baby products (or with raising babies, for that matter!)
Anonymous-my baby's in the high chair.
Susie-Yes, we love/hate those things, as well!

lera said...

Oh my goodness! I live in MD and when we were briefly stationed in OH, people would always say "Do you want to come with?" It would drive me crazy! I had never heard that before or since that time. I always felt like I was hanging on for the rest of the sentence/question and it would never come!

Anonymous said...

the "go with" thing drives me crazy.

we have a different high chair, but i can relate to the gross factor, and hate cleaning it. currently in the market for a booster seat. :)

Anonymous said...

I laughed when I read your"hate" about sentences ending with "with". I originally from Chicago, but have lived in Tennessee for the past 17 years, and people always notice that I do that and many comment on that. I pay no attention to it at all. It must be a Chicago thing! Anyway, I enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love water too. I never thought about the fact that I love wading, but I totally do! I actually love going underwater too (and insist on subjecting my 15-month old daughter to it at least once per swim); i hope you learn to like it someday! I'm Nicole, aka Gidget by the way. Not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, a link to one of your crafty posts I believe!