Tuesday, September 16

Chinese Moon Festival

Sunday marked the Chinese holiday of Mid-Autumn. This is traditionally celebrated in China, and Chinatowns around the world, through the Mid-Autumn Festival. (Also apparently referred to as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, depending on where you look or with whom you speak). I found it timely that we happened to be studying China this week with our homeschool co-op and took the opportunity to make mooncakes, fortune cookies, and learn a bit about the Festival along with the culture.
I'm not intending a lecture here, but thought I'd share a few basic internet resources (for someone like me who doesn't want to take 3 small kids to the library to participate in group research):
A basic explanation of the Mid-Autumn Festival with links to related articles.
General info on China. Includes population, capital city, history, geography, travel and shopping tips, culture, and how to say "that tickles," in case you end up getting a massage while visiting China.
Super simplified recipe for mooncakes. These look nothing like mooncakes, really, but can be made quickly with pantry ingredients (I don't keep lotus bean paste around here). Preschoolers probably won't be concerned about the cookie's authenticity.
Really tasty sounding mooncake recipe. (I have made other dishes by Nina Simonds with success.)
Great read-aloud Chinese folktale: Tikki Tikki Tembo.
Colorful rhyming book of shapes and Chinese culture: Round is a Mooncake.
Almond fortune cookie recipe (pictured above).

To make fortune cookies a fun and educational experience, insert a combination of messages like the silly and sweet ones pictured below and these informational (and possibly interactive) ones:
1.2 billion people live in China.
Ni hao! Hello!
Let's build a Great Wall. (Easy to do with pillows, beanbags, cardboard boxes, etc. on the floor).
Beijing is the capital city of China.


Anonymous said...

Those fortune cookies are super cute. Sort of makes me want to have some at the wedding with homemade fortunes...

Amanda @ www.kiddio.org said...

I love your fortunes! Thanks for sharing--I had no idea about this holiday and I just love obscure reasons to celebrate :)

Anonymous said...

Remember when we made our own fortune cookies, probably to take to Acteens or GAs? That was fun! Glad you're doing it with my sweeties. Hey, Amy, that is a fun idea! Wonder how long it would take us to make a bunch.....

Anonymous said...

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