Tuesday, September 2

Happy birthday, baby!

We celebrated our baby's first birthday over the weekend with cupcakes in the park. My older kids chose the cupcake: Oatmeal Raisin with Banana Coconut Frosting. They were really good.

Above: My daughter is wearing her pillowcase dress for the 2nd day in a row.
My son does everything with great expression. Including, eat a cupcake.

Our cupcake recipe came from Krystina Castella's Crazy About Cupcakes. If you want my opinion on the book, while we're at it, I have been very pleased with the recipes for cupcakes and frostings. She has included some really great and unexpected flavor combos and so far, all of ours have turned out very well. This one, for example. That banana coconut frosting was good stuff. And how often are you served oatmeal raisin, hazelnut coffee, napolean, peppermint mocha, or pina colada cupcakes? I haven't found all the special occasion designs awe-inspiring, but many are unique and attractive. A little too much candy topping for me. I'd rather have the great cupcake with yummy frosting simply, yet artfully, spread or piped on top. The designs presented in her book, however, would still be crowd-pleasers, I'm sure.

Happy birthday, baby!


Anonymous said...

The K-man cracks me up.

By the way, Nathan and I watched an episode of Seinfeld last night, the one with Farfel the dog. Perhaps not the best episode, but we've got to work our way through the earlier seasons.

Anonymous said...

The picture of your guy eating the cupcake puts a smile on my face this morning. Too cute!

MyCozyCreations said...

those sound so yummy!!

PaisleyJade said...

Cupcakes in the park sounds like a wonderful way to spend a first birthday! Love the dress too.