Tuesday, January 6

Christmas catch-up

I missed out on posting several of our holiday activities while our computer was down (for example, the cookie-a-week I intended to share), but hate to think I completely missed my chance. So bear with me while I indulge myself in a little holiday recap today. And probably again later this week.
From the top:
1) Our decorated holiday sugar cookies. We don't make the cut-out-and-frost variety of cookies very often, so this was a treat for the kids.
2) The paper snowflake I made while visiting with my friend Jess and her blog party guests. Template here in case you're still up for winter decorating.
3) Kids in the snow. I cut out the scarves from solid-color fleece. Talk about a quick and easy project! To personalize, see painting fleece scarves here.
4) Flower decoration made from catalog pages. I love recycled decorating projects! Tutorial here. For other colors and sizes made from copy paper, see here.
5) Lincoln Park Zoolights. Great night out for the kiddos.

You know I just started fiddling with these photo collages-sorry if you need a magnifying glass to make out the images!


Amber D. said...

The collage is cool, I was wondering how you did that when I first started reading the post. The pictures look good.

Carmel said...

That new software that does the collages is really cool. I usually enjoy your photography anyway, but those are neat.

Jean said...

I clicked on collage and it opened up in new window.... definitely don't need magnifying glass!! Nice pictures!

Beth said...

Wow, that collage is cool ,and such a nice way to do your recap!

I am hosting a childrens Valentines Swap if your interested :O)!

Unknown said...

Love the recap, and have saved both those paper craft ideas. Thanks.

The Jerrolds Family said...

I am LOVING these collages!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Beautiful and cool post as always. Happy 2009 to you and your adorable family!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous...pics I haven't seen yet! Excellent projects, too.

Supercool Hotmama said...

Hi! I just hopped by and had to stay and look at all your cute ideas! I have a tutorial on my blog for the snowflake too, but it's more kid friendly (no exacto needed)! Come on by!

And I am LOVIN' your felt habitats! Such a cute idea!

Catherine Peart said...

I love this collage. How did you do it?? Am having fun reading back through your posts....

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