Friday, March 21

Happy Easter!

This morning's efforts. With 2 and 3 year-olds I've decided it's most fun to skip the fancy egg-decorating techniques and just enjoy the dipping, crowding, swirling, and smashing that comes with the old PAAS dye kit.
I've also decided that the perfect adult-to-child ratio for preschoolers is 2:1.
Today, after we dyed our eggs, we painted with the dye. Paintbrushes, spoons, straws, some good pucker-up-and-blow, and just pouring the bowls of dye onto the watercolor paper produced good and messy results.
Happy Easter!


Grandma G said...

Sounds like a blast was had by... well... the kids, at least. ;-) The results are beautiful!

Happy Easter to you, too!

threesneakybugs said...

We're planning on dying eggs tomorrow morning. I was thinking of a PAAS kit but never made it to the store today so now I'm thinking of avoiding the store all together and trying food coloring with a little vinegar & water. I love the idea of using the left over dye for some painting or what not.

Amy said...

Wishing I was there yet again. Why are Easter egg colors so appealing?