Wednesday, May 7

Grocery list (or I need peanut butter, purple wiggly cheese, a camera, cucumbers, a shirt... wiggly cheese, a calendar, bread, milk, trains, red hot marshmallow squirters....)
I recently saw grocery list activities at Angry Chicken and Make and Takes and thought some variation of these would be great for us.
For our project, I spent some time in the evening cutting out a zillion food/household pictures from those horrible sales ads that end up all over the entryway downstairs. Then, together, we separated the cut-outs into categories: produce, meat, dairy, grains, dessert/snacks, household supplies (with a couple cell phones and toy cars thrown in). I gave the kids glue sticks and let them decide what they wanted on their grocery lists. After completing his list, my son had me label a few of his items. My daughter didn't have much space for writing on hers so she started another page where she practiced writing some of the food names.
This was a really good activity for my kids. I was impressed with how well they worked together and how engaged they were in the activity.
I have some leftover cut-outs and would be willing to spend more time cutting to repeat this project. As it is, I try to avoid doing very much grocery shopping with all 3 kids in tow, so we probably won't use these in public, but they can use them here with their grocery cart and play kitchen. It's got to be more fun than their normal routine which is dictating to me the crazy things they want on their shopping lists and watching me write for them. Next time, maybe we'll glue pics of the real items and write/illustrate the crazy ones.


Grandma G said...

Another great idea!

Make and Takes said...

I love the idea of sorting all the food cut-outs into groups. Great categorizing activity!

Gwyn said...

My son would only want pictures of junk food - great idea!

Amy said...

What a great busy day activity- thanks for the idea!

katy said...

I did that activity when i taught kindergarten - amazing that most kids have no idea about food groups. we're so far removed from what makes food - animals, plants - that is makes sense they're confused.

Thanks for the nice comment - I felt just the same way looking at yours. I only have 2 kids - :)

Kimberly said...

What a great idea! I'm going to make one with my little girl this week. She can help me find items on the grocery list by looking at her list while we shop. It'll keep her occupied, and happy, and hopefully I'll be able to get some shopping done. :~)

shell said...

Somebody else watches WAY tooooo much Max and Ruby! :)


Anonymous said...

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