Wednesday, June 18

3 Easy Projects

First of all, here is a simple craft foam project.
Instructions: Cut out shapes. Put shapes in bathtub. Play!
When wet, the foam sticks to the tub walls and other pieces of foam (like the faceless guy with removable clothes up there). Sets of these are sold commercially, but many of the pieces are thick foam which won't stick in the curved part of a bathtub. The thin craft foam will stick on the curve.

Second project. Necklaces.
Instructions: Punch holes in your leftover bits of craft foam (all the funny shapes left behind after cutting your bath toys). Cut some curvy shapes out of empty cereal boxes and punch holes in the center. Cut used (washed) drinking straws into short segments. Assemble these ingredients plus some cheerios and tubular pasta in bowls or a muffin tin. Cut a length of string that will be long enough to pull over your child's head when knotted. Slip on a button and knot the string behind it (to keep the other items from slipping off the end of the necklace.) Wrap a short piece of tape around the opposite end of string to make it easier for slipping through holes and to keep it from unraveling. String items on, knot necklace, trim ends, and wear!

You could use these items for a collage, as well. (Bonus 4th project idea.)

Third project. Travel necklace.
Cut a length of string as before.
Prep ends as before (button on one end, tape on the other.)
Drop in a ziploc bag along with a bunch of cheerios.
Pull out on the plane and your child has an edible activity!

(This project is included in The Preschooler's Busy Book.)
You could always throw in some of those other necklace-making ingredients, as well, but we're taking the easy route when we fly home on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Great project ideas! I love the traveling cheerio necklace! We will definitely use that soon!

Ann @TheAssetEdge said...

I love the Cheerio necklace for car entertainment, because you can easily vacuum up any cheerios that fall on the car floor! Great idea!

Lenetta said...

Just wanted to let you know I linked to this on my weekly roundup (post can be found here). I'm in need of some "more advanced" bath toys! :>)

Lenetta said...

OK, I took the idea one tiny step further and made a bathtub fishing game! I then saved the pieces to use for stringing necklaces . . . and I even saved the tiny pieces and punched out holes for making a collage when the little one gets a bit older. :>) Thanks SO MUCH for this great idea!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

OK I am commenting on a really old post BUT I love the foam bathtub idea! Thanks!