Sunday, June 15

Hook 'Em!

You could also title this post: A million pictures of cows.
Sorry, but cows aren't everyday for us in Chicago. Particularly, the feeding of cows. We found out the longhorns down the street from my parents have an affinity for white bread, so we've made it over there a couple times armed with a few loaves of Mrs. Baird's. Certainly an interesting feeling having those strong slimy tongues wrestling bread out of your hand. Of course, my kids were begging to eat it about as desperately as the cows. White bread is a novelty.
I just couldn't decide which pictures to include.
Top picture: I love the crazy-eyed look in cows (cow on right).
Bottom picture: Can you do that??


Grandma G said...

ROTFL!!! Too funny!! My fav is the pair of tongues reaching up.

Of course the tongues aren't a new thing for this grandma-from-the-farm... but we don't have those HORNS around here. Our cows also don't eat bread... or maybe they would if we offered it! ;-)

Thanks for the giggles!

Mozi Esme said...

That last pic made me laugh, too - hilarious!

Amy said...

If you just move about two hours towards Indiana, you would have pictures for years of cows :)

I always hate choosing the pictures for my blog- it is so hard especially when you have such interesting subjects :)

geekch1ck said...

Oh my goodness, I never thought of taking the kids to feed cows. Here in Lancaster County, PA we have a ton of them!!! What a fun idea. Love the pics.