Thursday, June 5

Poolside potting, painting

The last few days it seems our activity center has been the wading pool in my parents' backyard. It has been used for swim-play, of course, and has been used simultaneously with potting and painting.
The kids enjoyed standing in the pool while potting flowers. Then took frequent pool breaks between brushstrokes while painting. And when their watercolor on paper transitioned to watercolor on bodies (theirs and ours), the pool proved useful for rinsing.
We're taking advantage of the gorgeous weather while we can get it!
Top picture: Notice my son's soil leaping out of his pot as he pours his water in.
2nd picture: My daughter refuses to wear hair accessories most of the time, but prefers holding her hair out away from her face (usually one hand at each side) despite the lack of coordination that follows having your hands always occupied.


The Jerrolds Family said...

The backyard is a great place to paint! I will have to remember this... Emma refuses to wear anything but headbands. Drives me crazy... Guess I could be complaining about worse things, right?

geekch1ck said...

Darn cute!!! I think holding your hair out of your face is a fine idea (I do it all the time :)). Your kids are adorable.

Raising Cains said...

noah is almost 7 and we still use that same wading pool in the backyard. i think we've had it 5 years! now it is used by the boys for pirate ship battles. $10 well spent!

glad you're having fun in texas. i was in evanston yesterday visiting jamie and it was actually 87! i think summer may have finally arrived to the midwest too.

mayaluna said...

Looks like you're all having a great time. It's been HOT in upstate NY this weekend and we've been in and out and all around the wading pool, too! I think I'll bring the paints out tomorrow, nice idea. My daughter has also given up hair accessories, doesn't seem logical in the heat and when your crafting, but she's adamant. I'm thinking of making ones that she "designs" entice the locks out of her eyes:)

Michelle said...

Looks like so much fun, I look forward to trying it with my two when the weather warms back up. I have tagged you today - details are on my Blog page. Please don't feel obligated to participate - but it would be lovely to learn some more about you!


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