Friday, August 1

More on blueberries

We have baked and eaten our way through the last of our fresh, hand-picked blueberries. From this point on, it's frozen or store-bought. I'm glad some of you tried our faithful poundcake! And thanks for the recipe suggestions. Here's what I went with this season: the pie and poundcake, which you saw, and finally these blueberry lime tartlets and blueberry lemon corn muffins. I try especially hard to choose recipes that sound like I'll really like them and that either produce something tasty without using up my entire stash of berries or something that uses a lot of raw berries. I'm not a big fan of cooked berries, at least I haven't tried a baked pie or cobbler that convinces me, and I love the taste of raw blueberries. So, anyway, I felt like these recipes did the trick. These last two came from the trusty Epicurious recipe catalog.
If you like dressing up your desserts, try homemade whipped cream and lime zest on your tartlets and sweetened sour cream on your muffins.
I'd still be interested in hearing how you all are using your berries this summer. Please share!

Oh yeah, a hint on the tartlets. I didn't think the recipe made enough lime curd. In the future, I would definitely make more and use any leftovers as a spread on other baked goods.


Anonymous said...

Those look amazing! I'll have to try them with our CSA blueberries. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

YUM! Hey, those tartlets look like fancy party food. Lemon & blueberry are a tasty combo; I've been adding some fresh lemon juice to my blueberry smoothies. Mmmmmmmmm!

Anonymous said...

Those look delicious. And very pretty.

Christy said...

So pretty and delicious!