Tuesday, August 5

Parking lots and puddles

Thank goodness children are fascinated with the outdoors. Don't you love summer? I rarely need to plan activities for these guys (and be certain, I don't) as long as we can go outside and explore. Here are a million pictures of today's adventure.

Walking up and down stairs and slopes. Jumping from the same.

Sitting in out of the ordinary places.

Scaring strange bugs.

Splashing in puddles left by yesterday's storms. This is actually a favorite activity of ours. We have figured out that the poorly cared for parking lots at the local elementary and high schools are prime locations for puddle-splashing. The kids come home as wet as if they'd been wading at the beach. It provides a wide open area for them to run around playing newly invented games, too. I never knew parking lots were so much fun.

Finding treasures. So glad it's a plastic bottle cap and not the condom I saw floating in the puddle. (Oops, did I just strike myself out of the family-friendly blog category?)

Picnicking on the steps. (Look at those lovely sit-upons turned placemats!)

Watching the patient baby nibbling on bread. She did get to roll through the puddles and was significantly splashed by her siblings.
Hope you're having fun outdoors!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, so maybe you can no longer be counted in the family-friendly category, but I think you may have just reached out to a new demographic.

Is it just me or does Brynnen's right arm look like it's detached from her body in the sixth picture from the top?

Grandma G said...

Looks like a great time!

Must be a challenge sometimes to have one hand tied up holding your hair out of your face. Maybe someday she'll figure out the value of hair clips and accept the idea of using them? Of course not if Mom tells her, though. ;-)

reprehriestless warillever said...

This has been the summer of the thunderstorm, so we haven't had as many outdoor adventures as we'd like to.

I love the expression on your son's face in the first picture.

Christie said...

I love puddles and rain! Some of my best memories are of playing in them. I recently celebrated my 41st birthday at a park in the rain. I blogged about it, in detail I should add, because I think it is important to do things and not let a little rain or puddles stop you. Hooray for letting your kids play in them. Life is good enjoying the simplest things!
Love your blog; read it often!

Unknown said...

I love Kellan's expression in the first photo.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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vender oro said...

This has been summer months season of the storm, so we haven't had as many outside activities as we'd like to.