Monday, September 22

Domino necklace

We attended a birthday party over the weekend, which, for me, meant some last-minute crafting. This time I put together a domino necklace for our 5-year old friend Danielle.
I had been meaning to experiment with old game pieces as necklaces after seeing Scrabble tile pendants (links at bottom), but hadn't gotten around to it. Nothing like a deadline to get me going.
For this necklace, I glued an old lettered game piece (specifically chosen for the birthday girl) to the top half of a domino, leaving exposed the number 5. I coated the letter with Mod Podge and the number with Diamond Glaze. I super glued a jewelry bail with jump ring to the top and slid a little leathery rope necklace through. Pretty simple.
I was pleased, and am excited about experimenting further. I'll be sure to post when I get around to making something new.

For Scrabble tile pendant tutorials, see here:
Annie Howes
Home Studio at Make and Takes

For pendant-like magnets, see:
Angry Chicken

Oh yeah, I made the box, too, using this tutorial:
Origami gift box at U-handbag


Chrissy said...

Oh, that came out so great! I've seen the scrabble tiles everywhere, but never the dominoes. Wonderful!

Amy said...

Oh,wow! That is seriously the BEST. You have GOT to help me with wedding stuff...You're a genius and I need your mind (a la Martin Short).

Lavina said...

Wow!! I just love this simple and sweet necklace...

Lindsay said...

So cute! I have a 4 year old that is obsessed with her age. I just started making the scrabble pendants with the same tut. I will have to try this one out too. Thanks!

moomer said...

That is, as Amy said, the BEST! I want one! But to do my age, you're gonna need a lot more dominoes.

Anonymous said...

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