Wednesday, July 1

Breakfast alfresco

Lucky for us as parents that children are satisfied and sometimes absolutely thrilled with activities that are easy to throw together, don't cost any money or involve a car trip, and allow us to relax for a minute in the great outdoors. I suppose the key is often that the activity just happens to be out of the ordinary with regard to our normal routine, but I'd like to think that some of these activities would always be exciting. Like eating breakfast out of doors.
We don't happen to have a yard or even a porch (and also experience winter for about 9 months of the year), so breakfast outside is novel. We thoroughly enjoyed having ours on my parents' back porch.
Besides being enthralled by watching the sprinklers as they popped up hissing and spraying, feeling the warmth of the sun before it rose to scorching, and identifying the hungry birds that pecked at the feeders, the kids remained intrigued by the occasional airplane flying overhead.
I loved being outside with happy children and was thankful for eager hands to set the table.

By the way, we are home now, but I'll probably be recalling our Texas adventures for a while. We were way too busy to record our activities while there!


Amy said...

Great idea! Perhaps I'll dine out tomorrow morning.

Looks like the sky is falling down on L in the second picture. :)


That's darling! Especially the little ones expression!

Lovely family!


Lilian Janine said...

Amazing!!! It´s a simple but great thing to became children happpier!

Likes Chocolate said...

What a good idea! Happy 4th!

Stacy of KSW said...

My kids love dining outdoors too! My personal favorite is peaches and chocolate chip muffins on the back patio. Its a little indulgent but tons of fun and always makes for a fun start to our day. I'm new to your site, but wondering where in Texas you were? I just moved to San Antonio, wondering if your antique store is nearby?

Anonymous said...

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