Monday, January 7

Hooray for Woodworking Dads

Thanks to my dad, this is now how I store most of my ribbon. I'm so pleased with these little stands that I thought they deserved some recognition. I've never had the perfect ribbon organizer until I designed something specifically for my cabinet and gave my little drawings, accompanied by a big smile, to my dad (well, he wasn't actually here, but I had one of those big do-me-a-favor smiles on over the phone and then sent the drawings home with my mom).
In case you're interested, these stands measure 14"x3 1/2"x3/4" on the base and hold four 1/4" dowels that stand 9" tall and are spaced 3 1/2" apart. This fits pretty much all the decorative ribbon I have, including spools that are extra wide (line them up next to the smaller spools) and some that are extra tall (like the one on the right with 5 bands of color). Besides accommodating what I have and looking nice in my cabinet, these are great for pulling out one at a time instead of having to haul and store a giant bin.
Lucky for me, my parents just happened to have some red paint at home. My favorite.


Anonymous said...

Making fun runs in the family. So does love of the color red!

Simply Stork said...

those are fab...just fab :o)