Thursday, January 10

I Know it's January

But I have a couple Christmas projects I'd still like to post. These are a few of the very simple holiday aprons (mentioned previously) we made. My daughter chose dishtowels (Target) for each recipient and I trimmed the corners and sewed on the bias tape. I embellished a couple by adding coordinating grosgrain ribbon, but the rest had some sort of character sewn on already and didn't really need any extra.
My daughter chose a towel for me (in addition to herself, her brother, and some extended family), so I dutifully sewed it, wrapped it up and acted surprised when I opened it on Christmas day. I've made my own birthday cake before, but this was the first time making my own Christmas gift. It was more fun for us all to open them and tie them on together.

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Anonymous said...

Now you've done it...given new meaning to the phrase "tie one on." By the way, I LOVE my new apron!