Sunday, April 27

My Good Old Desk

I thought it was time I took a couple pictures of my little school desk as it usually goes uncredited as the backdrop in my other pictures. I purchased this vintage double school desk before my first child was born thinking (first of all, that it was really cool) that it would be great for kids to work on at home and that it would be an easy piece to use for other purposes before they grew into it. It has been used for toy storage, as a diaper-changing station, keyboard stand, and finally, work/play station. I looked online, briefly, to try to find out when/where this desk is from, and I only found 2 similar ones on the UK Ebay claiming they were made circa 1930. (The chairs came from a neighborhood school purging). This desk appears so often in my photos because it's the one uncluttered, large, flat surface near a window in our apartment and, additionally, I have always liked the feel of worn, honey-colored wood.


Grandma G said...

AHA! I knew it! :-) Not quite the same as the ones we had in the old one-room country schoolhouse that I attended (yeah, I'm 'that' vintage!), but similar.

Thanks for posting (and bringing back memories)!

Anonymous said...

What is it about us that we have a weakness for old school desks & chairs? I think I was with you the day that one was found. Of course the desk you spotted for my house is one of my favorite pieces!

lera said...

That is one cool desk. I like little desks and I have never seen one like that before.

Sandra Lundy said...

I LOVE that desk...what a treasure!! One of the neatest ones I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

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