Friday, April 25

Shrinky Dinks

One of my daughter's friends gave her a shrinky dink set for her birthday. We opened it this morning and made bracelets. These are suggested for children over age 7, but with close parental supervision, it worked well. Of course, now the hard job is keeping them away from the baby, but that's a constant challenge when you have two older kids.
My daughter and son both made one bracelet for themselves and one to give away (most likely as a birthday gift to the girls who gave them the shrinky that lame?) The set also comes with accessories to create hair clips, cell phone charms, magnets, and necklaces. It's nice to pull a ready-to-go project out of a box once in a while instead of creating, gathering/preparing the supplies myself.
I think it would be fun to create their own shrinky dinks, too, with blank shrinky sheets. Sometime.


Anonymous said...

Darling bracelets! I'm glad you're interested in doing some more, because I recently bought some plain shrinky dink sheets in case we get brave enough to tackle that while you're here. Versatile stuff!

Anonymous said...


I think giving those bracelets to the girls is a fine thing to do. The kids themselves will feel the connection, and it's sure to be satisfying to both sets of kids to have the gift come full circle.

Our girls are 8 and 10 and I can advise you from much experience, get used to having shrinky dinks around. Everyone loves them and the activity can age with the kids. My adult sisters and I like to sit around and make them. You can use the sheets like tracing paper, which makes it fun for kids who feel drawing challenged or just stumped for a subject. We use sharpies and colored pencils and I hear you can use acrylics, but we've not been that brave.

Anonymous said...

Remember the shrinky dinks you had as a kid? I think they were My Little Pony or something like that. I just remember being really jealous that you had them and I didn't. :)