Monday, April 14

Stick Puppets

Sigh. Maybe someday I'll teach myself how to arrange photos in some interesting fashion. In the meantime, here's my stick puppet line-up. I mentioned having the idea for these, or what I thought was my idea until I realized I'd seen it on the craft foam package, and now I've finally finished some. The package had a picture of a frog and a fish so my kids requested those (I did stray from their design a bit) and then I decided on the other animals. I'm pretty pleased with myself for the armadillo, I must say. I asked my husband if he thought it was funny or original, but he said, "I don't know, we're from Texas, I just thought it was normal." Oh well.
I used craft foam (5 1/2" x 8 1/2" sheets purchased in a 24-piece package at Target), some hand-drawn patterns on paper (some freehand cutting), craft glue, scissors, a few sequins, and popsicle sticks, in case you're interested. A pretty simple project, overall, but you have to factor in time for the glue to dry. Speaking of which, I'm in the market for a different kind of craft glue. I used Aleene's Clear Gel Tacky Glue, but I'm convinced there must be something faster-setting with a strong bond. Maybe one of these from Beacon? Let me know if you have one you like.
Oh yeah, there's a funny crease in the middle of the octopus I didn't notice until I'd already cut it and then sure didn't want to cut that shape again.


Anonymous said...

I was delighted when I scrolled down & saw the armadillo! All the puppets are quite cute, but you don't usually see those adorable armored creatures pictured for craft ideas. Kudos & yeehaw!

Anonymous said...

Love the bright colors.

By the way, don't let Mom say "Yeehaw" anymore online.

Jessica Jones said...

(Giggling about "Yeehaw." Amy, you're hilarious.)

As soon as I saw the armadillo, I thought it was so funny and cute and different. Armadillos are very exotic to me. Like anteaters. Or aardvarks. Actually all three of those A-animals get kind of mixed up in my mind. Anyhow, I love that one the most. Very cool, Megan.

Jodie said...

The stick puppets look great... I'm sure the kids just loved them..

Jodie :)

Sara said...

I love your puppets and I think the armadillo is funny!! That animal would not have come to mind if I had been making them!! That's too funny!

Anonymous said...

In my defense, I like the armadillo. I've always liked armadillos. It just didn't stand out to me from among the other wonderful animals. Besides, the monster is the one that should stand out. Right? That's not an animal.

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