Saturday, November 24

Thanksgiving Placemats

We are thankful this year to have had my mom with us for Thanksgiving. Besides cooking some delicious dishes for our big meal, we managed to craft lovely Thanksgiving day placemats.
We each made our own and the kids are really enjoying having their own personal placemat.

To make your own Thanksgiving placemats:
1. Buy posterboard and cut into 12" x 16" rectangles.
2. Cut out these turkeys (non-accordion style) and these leaves.
3. Set out colored pencils/crayons, glue sticks, and construction paper. Color and glue your turkeys and leaves onto construction paper and draw some pictures of things you are thankful for or things that seem seasonal (or things completely unrelated).
4. Lightly mount the completed drawings, collages, additional shapes, etc. onto the posterboard (glue stick was fine).
5. Cut 2 pieces of clear contact paper a couple inches wider and longer than your posterboard. Peel one open and lay your posterboard on it. Peel the second open and, working with another person, carefully lay down on your posterboard from one end to the other, smoothing as you go.

(Update: This could be adapted for any holiday. Just change your colors, shapes, etc. See our examples of Christmas and Valentine's Day here.)


Jessica Jones said...

Those look great! Now that you've just finished cleaning all the glue stick off the table, you have to start on the Christmas ones...

Anonymous said...

Nice, dude. Where's mine?

Unknown said...

nice toys.